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Sage BusinessWorks Small Business Accounting Software

Sage BusinessWorks Accounting provides the tools you need to manage your business more effectively today, allowing you to build a more profitable tomorrow. Combining robust features and high-level performance through 11 fully integrated modules and multi-user networking capabilities, Sage BusinessWorks give you the power to run your growing business with maximum efficiency. It's so easy to learn that virtually anyone, even those with little or no accounting experience can operate the software. Whether your business is just starting out or you've outgrown your current software, features like the ones listed below will give you the insight you need to make informed business decisions.

  • Award winning ease-of-use
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office, GoldMine and many industry leading applications
  • Over 250 built-in presentation-quality management reports
  • Customized forms and reports
  • Complete audit trail
  • Robust inventory control features provide serial number tracking, multiple warehouse management capabilities and multiple costing and pricing methods for complete inventory management.

If you are looking for a powerful, yet affordable accounting system that can grow with your business, Sage BusinessWorks is for you.
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Sage BusinessWorks Modules

The Sage BusinessWorks Gold modules offer a wealth of features designed to help you save time and improve the profitability of your business. Select a link below to learn how you can put one of these powerful modules to work for you.

The spec sheets below are available in a PDF (Sage BusinessWorks, North Carolina) file format. To view the spec sheet you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader loaded on your machine. If you have the Acrobat Reader, simply double click on the hyperlink below. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, get a FREE copy and follow the download instructions.

TIPS: After opening the PDF file hit Ctrl+K and it will make the file fit inside the current window, making it more legible. Also note that all hyperlinks are accessible from the PDF file.

  • Sage BusinessWorks Overview Brochure - Designed for complete business visibility, Sage BusinessWorks Accounting gives you the management tools you need to succeed. Now, a single solution gives you a clear picture of your entire operation. Robust, easy-to-use features and in-depth reporting give you the power to maximize efficiency, discover new revenue opportunities, and take control of your company's success.
  • Sage BusinessWorks Complete Enhancement Summary - Your Sage BusinessWorks Accounting software has always been one of the easiest accounting solutions to use. But the latest release now makes it even easier for you to get the information you need while maintaining the accuracy that you value. This enhancement summary outlines the ease of use improvements along with new functionality that can also improve your productivity. Why not upgrade today and get more of the features your business needs to succeed with version 8?
  • System Manager - Combining robust features and high-level performance through 13 fully integrated modules and multi-user networking capabilities, Sage BusinessWorks gives you the power to run your growing business and maximize profitability.

    Ultimately, it is the software's easy navigation and workflow that draw the appreciation of customers. With a familiar Microsoft Windows look and feel, Sage BusinessWorks is so easy to learn that virtually anyone, even those with little or no accounting experience, can operate the software. Moving from task to task is easy, and you can access data with a simple keystroke or mouse click. By operating with such a high degree of efficiency, your company can achieve its financial goals.
  • General Ledger - The Sage BusinessWorks General Ledger module is the heart of our business accounting solution and is our most powerful module. The General Ledger module combines flexibility with ease of use, to give you the critical information you need to make timely and informed business decisions and manage your company more effectively.
  • Cash Management - The Sage BusinessWorks Cash Management module provides superior management capabilities for your company's transaction processing and reconciliation needs. This module fully integrates with the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and General Ledger modules to offer a comprehensive accounting software solution.
  • Accounts Receivable - The Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Receivable module provides an efficient and reliable means of managing your entire receivables process. From credit management to sales analysis, this powerful module provides your organization with extensive information and reporting features to make quicker business decisions.
  • Accounts Payable - The Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Payable module efficiently manages your company's expenditures, saving you time and money. This advanced module stores, sorts and organizes vendor information and transactions. The Accounts Payable module then uses the information to produce a wide range of reports including Quick View reports, which present you with three dimensional representations of your purchase history and much more.
  • Order Entry - When it comes to selling, it helps to have as much information about the customer and your products as possible. With the Sage BusinessWorks Order Entry module, your company's sales staff can easily access a variety of useful customer information, including past purchase histories, shipping addresses, credit card information, and much more. In addition, Order Entry can be set up to alert your sales staff when a credit limit has been exceeded. A hold can then be put on the order until the customer's standing with your organization improves. All this while processing quotes, sales orders, and invoices! Simply put, Sage BusinessWorks Order Entry can increase sales efficiency and, in turn, lead to greater profitability.
  • Inventory Control - Successful, well-organized businesses rely heavily on their inventory management system to make certain they have adequate inventory levels to satisfy their customers. The Sage BusinessWorks Inventory Control module provides this level of control by offering high-end features normally reserved for large companies including: light manufacturing capabilities, serial number tracking and multi-warehouse support. The module even has an image library feature, which allows you to attach a picture to each part.
  • Purchase Order (included with Inventory Control) - Managing inventory cycles and maintaining adequate stock levels can be a complex process without the right management tools. When used in conjunction with Accounts Payable, Sage BusinessWorks Purchase Order contains extensive purchase order features designed to help you maintain accurate inventory records and streamline your purchasing processes.
  • Job Cost - BusinessWork's Job Cost module can track labor, materials, equipment, overhead, subcontracting and miscellaneous costs for an unlimited number of jobs or projects. A wide variety of reports help budget, control and manage jobs to help you optimize your profit potential. Job Cost is fully integrated with other BusinessWorks modules.
  • Payroll - Preparing payroll by hand can be a tiresome and time-consuming task. By acquiring the power of the Sage BusinessWorks Payroll module, your in-house payroll tasks can be completed quickly and accurately.
  • Custom Office - When integrated with Microsoft Office, the BusinessWorks Custom Office module can significantly increase your company's productivity. The module offers mail merge, attachment management and custom worksheet capabilities that put your Sage BusinessWorks information to work for you. This allows your employees to do their jobs more efficiently and can lead to increased revenue.
  • CrystalReports - Save time designing and distributing presentation-quality reports. Crystal Reports by Business Objects allows you to create instantly presentation-quality reports that take advantage of Sage BusinessWorks Accounting data. It's a powerful "what you see is what you get" report writer that generates meaningful reports and helps you make smart, informed business decisions that can lead your company to increased profitability.
  • F9 Financial Report Writer - F9 is the leading general ledger-based financial reporting application that can help your company achieve significant gains in productivity. The software automatically delivers data from your Sage BusinessWorks General Ledger module to your favorite spreadsheet program. You'll save valuable time by eliminating the re-keying of data into your spreadsheet. And, by putting your existing spreadsheet knowledge to use, you can create presentation-quality reports that give you a clear picture of the financial state of your company.
  • StarShip freight manifest software solution - To achieve and maintain strong customer loyalty, it's essential to get your inventory in the hands of your paying customers as quickly and economically as possible. Sage BusinessWorks allows you to do just that with the StarShip freight manifest system. StarShip, built by V-Technologies, integrates tightly with several Sage product lines, including Sage BusinessWorks, Platinum for Windows by Sage, MAS 90 and MAS 200, so that you can continue to use StarShip as your business grows and expands. StarShip makes the entire shipping process more fluid and helps your company become a more competitive distributor. Plus, it even has the potential to reduce shipping and shipping-related expenses.

Sage BusinessWorks Accounting, provided by McNary Consulting, LLC in North Carolina, gives you the tools you need to manage your business more effectively today.