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Peachtree by Sage

Looking to complement your business operations with a robust accounting solution? Packed with all of the essentials, including invoicing and bill paying, as well as some of the most advanced accounting features you'll find anywhere, Peachtree by Sage is designed to help you make better decisions for your business.

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Easy Startup, Easy to Learn

Just minutes after installing the software, helpful features like an improved Setup Guide and Preparation Checklist, Navigation Centers, Wizards, and a Guided Tour will make it easy for you to start tracking your finances. The software's Navigation Centers offer a quick and intuitive way to navigate and gain access to your company's information. From one screen you can conveniently view and drill into lists, reports, setup screens, graphs, and more. The software's Guided Tour and New Company Setup Wizard will take all the mystery out of getting started. Best of all, if you're moving into Peachtree from QuickBooks, a easy-to-use conversion utility will convert your QuickBooks data (versions 4.0 to 2006, Basic through Enterprise).

Control, Choice and Flexibility

With the software's Internal Accounting Review, you can run up to 15 checks at any time on your Peachtree data and search for common accounting mistakes such as duplicate transactions and cash receipts that do not debit the correct General Ledger cash account. By taking advantage of the Online Bank Reconciliation feature, you'll reduce the time it takes to reconcile your bank accounts. Simply download your bank statement into Peachtree, and items that have cleared your bank are matched up with existing entries in Peachtree for faster reconciliation. Transactions that are missing from Peachtree can easily be created from information supplied by your bank.

Because the software's Quick Entry Account Register looks just like your check book register, you'll feel right at home, but unlike a checkbook, the Quick Entry Register allows you to drill down into each transaction for more detail. You will know instantly the payment status of each purchases or invoice, so you can easily stay on top of who owes you and who you owe. These features combine to let you track each invoice until it's paid.

Half the battle to running your own business is being able to keep track of the bills you need to pay. Peachtree by Sage lets you write your checks and pay your bills as if you were working in your own checkbook. And with the software's enhanced reporting features, you can even filter out the bills that need to be paid according to date, amount due, discounts, and more. This helps you prioritize exactly how you spend your money.

Powerful Inventory Features

With advanced features that let you keep track of your inventory, Peachtree by Sage keeps you on top of your company's assets at all times. Peachtree will not only automatically update your inventory after you invoice your customers or purchase new stock from vendors, it will also let you track extensive detail on each of your inventory items, such as price levels, tax types, weight, cost method, item type, and more.

Robust Reporting Tools

With Peachtree by Sage, you can easily compare your actual financials against a budget with a new, easier way to create budgets. Your new Peachtree budgets look and act like a spreadsheet, so you save time and avoid mistakes by not having to re-key budget data into other applications. Peachtree by Sage provides all the reporting and analysis tools you need to know at all times where your business stands. You can choose from over 100 reports -- and customize them to look the way you want them -- to better track, forecast and budget your finances and get the information vital to your business's success and growth.

Peachtree's Financial Manager function can help you to get an instant snapshot view of your business's overall financial performance. You can review such popular ratios as Cost of Sales, Profit Margins and more, as well as up-to-the-minute balances on cash, accounts receivable, and other vital information. And you can quickly and easily perform "what if" analyses to understand the impact of changing business conditions with the Peachtree Cash Manager.

Time-Saving, At-a-Glance Features

By giving you all the tools you need to gather your company's information into one place, you'll manage your business better than ever. You'll be able to find, view, drill down, print and e-mail the precise information you need. You can even quickly create mass mailings or e-mail blitzes and other notifications such as customer newsletters, thank you notes, and more from the contact information and transaction information that's contained in your Peachtree database. In short, there's no limit to the ways that Peachtree by Sage will help you keep track of every aspect of your business, thereby improving your cash flow and bottom line.