Keystroke POS Automated Retail Point of Sale Management System

Keystroke POS Retail Point of Sale Software

Looking for a faster, more flexible way of entering sales and controlling inventory than traditional cash registers? Need more capabilities and greater ease-of-use than cash registers can offer at the point-of-sale?

If your business needs more than cash registers can provide, consider Keystroke Point Of Sale software, an automated retail management system that enables PC-compatible computers to operate as cash registers and inventory control systems. With Keystroke POS, you can replace your electronic cash registers completely and enter sales faster with greater flexibility, capabilities, and ease-of-use.

Thousands of independent retailers, wholesalers, service shops, and multiple-store chains rely on Keystroke Point of Sale software to help them manage their businesses.

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Process Transactions Quickly and Easily with Keystroke POS

Keystroke POS handles most point-of-sale transactions quickly and easily, including invoices, receipts, layaways, sales orders, back orders, and quotes. Plus, you can even define your own transaction types for on hold, rental, gift registry, special order, service order, recurring charge and archives.

On-the-Fly Access to Real Time Inventory Quantities and Data

This software provides on-the-fly access to real time inventory quantities, as well as inventory, customer, contact, vendor and clerk databases. Use it to view images of inventory items, as well as customers, and even perform age verification for alcohol and tobacco sales.

Create Complete Audit Trails

Keystroke POS makes it easy to create a complete audit trail or monitor sales commissions. The clerk and/or salesperson is recorded on every transaction, and the software includes an integrated time clock with printouts.

Access Transaction Histories Forever

With Keystroke's Point of Sale Software there's no need to worry about data purging, you can access complete transaction history virtually forever - no data purging. Additionally, use this software to store multiple shipping addresses for each customer, or track sales by customer's family member, employee, vehicle, job site, and more. You can even offer unique pricing by item per customer.

Use Keystroke POS To Automatically Generate Purchase Orders

The Keystroke Point of Sale Software allows you to automatically generate suggested purchase orders. Store up to four vendors per item for cost comparison, last purchased date and vendor-specific item codes.

Analyze Real-Time Data with Unlimited Transaction History

Keystroke POS offers dozens of comprehensive detailed report options and includes an intuitive Report Editor to modify report layouts. Use these reports to analyze real-time data with unlimited transaction history. date/time ranges, multiple filters, and multiple levels of detail can can be printed to screen, printer, or exported to a file (including delimited text).

Extensive Security And Auditing Capabilities

Over 100 program functions and areas of the Keystroke POS system can be uniquely controlled and audited. Assign different security levels for each definable transaction type.

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